Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips (left) and Robert Edwin Burns (right)


 We embarked on a mission in early 2011 to explore Interior Design licensing in Louisiana and other states.  Below is our Executive Summary.  





The time has come to abolish LA Boards and Commissions such as the ID Board which do nothing more than:


1.  Masquerade as regulatory bodies ostensibly to "protect the health, safety, and welfare" of the public,

2.  In reality, effectively serve as TRADE UNIONS depriving Louisiana workers of their right to make a living,

3.  Artificially inflate the incomes of its licensees (i.e. union members),

4.  Impose EXTREMELY high barriers to entry to inflate licensees' income,

5.  Grandfather existing licensees from those barriers when licensing statutes are imposed.



We welcome you to join our efforts for Louisiana to ABOLISH the ID Board and repeal the ID practice-act statute in LA.


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