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December 13, 2013



No highlights.  Nevertheless, noticeably absent from the above meeting was any discussion of the December 9, 2013 Louisiana Inspector General report entailing IDB payroll irregularities and the fact that IDB Executive Director Sandy Edmonds had lied to investigators about instances in which she was on vacations out-of-state yet claimed she was on the clock (at $31/hour 5 hours a day, according to the Inspector General).  For such deceit to OIG Investigators, the OIG report recommends that the IDB "consider appropriate disciplinary action against Ms. Edmonds, up to and including termination."




June 20, 2013

IDB Executive Director Sandy Edmonds responds, "that's none of your business, Mr. Burns" when he openly inquires if the relative for whom she took two days funeral leave on April 22, 2013 and April 23, 2013, whom he knew to be her spouse's grandmother, is indeed Matthew Edmonds' grandmother.  Burns then relays, as evidenced by Ms. Edmonds own email correspondence to Board Member Karen Hazel, that grandmother-in-law does NOT qualify a State Employee for funeral leave.  Board Member (and Treasurer) Karen Hazel (wife of State Rep. Lowell Hazel) appears to have been only too willing to go along with the improper leave until confronted with it by Burns, whom she then demands to "take a seat" after interrupting him and relaying she would "look into the matter."  For more details on Ms. Edmonds' employment-related issues, refer to the March 14, 2013 video below (5:50 - 6:44 segment).


April 22, 2013



No highlights.  Just the usual B/S about another fire transpiring which, of course, can be remedied through ID licensure!



March 14, 2013

5:07 - 5:20:  Acting Chairman Dr. T. L. Ritchie extols the virtues of one license applicant having been profiled in In Register magazine (stating it's "high society") with Executive Director Sandy Edmonds relaying she has been in it also.

5:50 - 6:44:  Executive Director Sandy Edmonds relays the fact that the Louisiana Attorney General's Office has been contacted and purportedly relayed that Ms. Edmonds' revised employment agreement may be discussed in Executive Session.  Nevertheless, Ms. Edmonds relays that, as a result of this faxed threat of litigation of the preceding day, Ms. Edmonds opts to "waive my right" to have the discussion in Executive Session.  Smart move!!  Given that the discussion took all of 54 seconds (21 of which were spent relaying the ES details), one would have to question why ES was ever proposed in the first place (especially since it clearly entailed no discussion whatsoever of Ms. Edmonds "character or competence").  CLICK HERE for a copy of Ms. Edmonds' previous employment agreement with some interesting features highlighted.  Interestingly enough, on September 17, 2012, the LALB, which shares the same Executive Director, Ms. Edmonds, and the same Legal Counsel, Anna Dow, convened a hearing in which Larry Bankston chose to question Burns extensively regarding "blatant payroll fraud" concerning Ms. Edmonds.  Also interestingly, at the May 21, 2012 LALB meeting, Burns politely suggested that the LALB modify Ms. Edmonds employment agreement in light of numerous problems cited by the Legislative Auditor.  Instead of accepting Burns' suggestion, the LALB instead decided to convene the aforementioned hearing.  Then, incredibly, the LALB did in fact modify Ms. Edmonds agreement at its meeting of March 5, 2013.  Gee, first it's a "we're going after you with both barrels for raising questions about this employment agreement," and later there's an unspoken, "we've got problems and we need to modify this employment agreement."


6:50 - 7:21:   Acting Chairman Dr. T. L. Ritchie explains that, at the request of Chairman Deborah Steinmetz, the proposal to hire convicted felon Larry S. Bankston as a 2nd attorney @ $150/hour for a maximum of $5,000 per fiscal year, was tabled.  The IDB never reintroduced the item.



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