Right to Work in Louisiana?

Not With Obstructionist
Boards & Commissions
 Such as the Interior Design Board (IDB)


Patti Morrow gives her acceptance speech in
receiving the Unsung Hero award from the
Vernon K. Krieble Foundation (Ms.
Morrow received an award and a $25,000
check for her tireless efforts to keep
interior designers free to practice without
a need for a license).  Louisiana is one
of only three states to require ID licensing,
and Louisiana's is BY FAR the most restrictive.


1.    Patti Morrow, IDPC President, tirelessly fights for interior designers rights to practice w/o a license.


2.  CLICK HERE for the Executive Summary of this website's research findings.

       Support links:

               A.  Institute for Justice
              B.  Excellent Federalist article outlining how ID doesn't kill but regulating it does!!!
CATO Institute, Dr. Harrington, Treber
              D.  George Will, former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels
              E.   Other observations and commentary


3.  CLICK HERE to See Rev. Phillips' year-long effort to obtain an IDB ethnicity breakdown.

4.  CLICK HERE to see video of IDB Members ejecting a public member for uttering the words, "November, 2011."


5.  CLICK HERE to see some historical IDB meeting videos indexed by year.


We appreciate the time you've taken to visit this website, and we hope you find what you've uncovered very interesting and may help in any manner you can to rid Louisiana of useless occupational licensing boards and commissions such as the Interior Design Board.